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What Is Hotfrog and How Do I List My Business?

May 1, 2022 | Online Directories

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A Comprehensive Guide to Hotfrog

By Tom Seest

Hotfrog Is an Online Directory Of Businesses

There are hundreds of trusted online business directories available on the internet that are designed to help potential customers or clients locate the businesses, their websites, customer reviews, and other details about the business. Hotfrog, which is owned by Locafy, is one of these online directories.

Hotfrog is a directory service provided by Locafy. It allows your business to appear on Hotfrog’s maps and search engine result pages. It allows to you better interact with your customers. The Hotfrog website allows you to manage the information Hotfrog users see about your business, interact with customers and gather their feedback through reviews, and understand your online business presence.

Why Should I List My Business on Hotfrog?

There are many benefits and reasons that you should list your business on Hotfrog which include

·Make it simple for potential customers or clients to discover your business.

·Simplify the process for potential customers or clients to contact you by phone or messenger apps.

·Increase the number of exploratory visits to your physical business location.

·Build credibility with potential customers and clients through reviews.

·Improve your online presence for your business.

·Boost the authority that the search engines assign to your business regarding your products and services.

·Improve the exposure of your brand to undiscovered customers or clients.


What Information Do I Need to Create My Hotfrog Listing?

While much of this information is not required, providing all the details will make it easier for your potential customers and clients to discover your business and explore the products and services it offers. You will want to gather as much of this information as possible before creating your profile. You will also likely want to include all of these business details on your business website. This information includes:

·Demographics about your business, including Business Name, Type of Business, Owner, and Year Established

·Physical location information, including Country, Region, State, City, County, Postal Code, and any Direction

·Phone contact information, including any phone numbers, fax numbers, or after hours numbers

·Any virtual addresses for the business, including website, blog, main and support email addresses

·Any messenger addresses for online communications platforms like Twitter, Skype, and so on

·Any address information for virtual social groups or channels for the business like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, etc

·Descriptions, photos, and videos of the business and its related products and services

·Featured messages, including slogans, tag lines, branding, advertising, etc.

·Number of locations and their operating hours


Does Hotfrog Charge for a Hotfrog Listing?

Hotfrog does not charge anything for the business listing until you have more than 10 locations. However, Hotfrog and Locafy do offer a line of services to help you market to and support your customers and clients, and they will offer to sell you advertising, boost the performance of your business, etc. But the listing itself is free.

Where Do I Go to Get My Business Listed with Hotfrog?

To submit your business listing to Hotfrog, you will need to have a computer or tablet with an internet browser and navigate with the browser to https://www.Hotfrog.com/. Once the page is displayed, click on the “Add Business” button to begin the setup process.

Step 1 – Click the “Add Business” Button to Get Started.

Hotfrog will display a quick description of the Hotfrog and tell you the benefits of creating a Hotfrog listing. After reading the information on the screen, click the “Add Business” button.

Step 2 – Enter Your Name and Email Address

Enter your first name, last name, and email, and click the “Continue” button. The website will then send you an email so that you can confirm your address.

Step 3 – Enter Your Basic Business Information

After you have verified your email address, you will then set up a password and then be redirected back to your Hotfrog profile page. Fill out the basic information about your business. Next, click on the “Find address” button and a map will pop up showing you your location.

Step 4 – Provide Additional Business Details

On the next screen, provide the additional details for your business and click on the “Submit profile” button when you are finished.

Step 5 – Optional Verification

Hotfrog will then give you the option to have your business verified. If you choose to, click the “Verify now” button to verify your listing and to show you are a trusted business.

How Often Should I Update My Hotfrog Business Listing?

Since Hotfrog will allow users to leave reviews for your business through its business listing, you will want to be sure to check the accuracy of the information in the listing as well as review the reviews and engage your customers as needed. The more you engage in a positive way, the more your customers will become attached to your business and its products and services.


Where Can I Learn More About Online Business Directories?

You can read more about what benefits and features Online Business Directories provide to businesses by reading the article at https://branddoneforyou.com/what-is-an-online-directory/. Each of the Online Business Directories has specific features, benefits, and targeted traffic that can provide you with more methods of attracting more traffic and customers.


Where Can I Learn More About More Online Business Directories?

We have created specific instructions for you to get your business listed in the following online business directories:


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