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What Are Ways to Use Social Media to Generate Leads and Make Sales

Jan 16, 2023 | Social Media

Social Media Engagement
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An Overview Of Social Media Processes for Lead Generation

By Tom Seest

What Are Ways to Use Social Media to Generate Leads and Make Sales

It’s no secret that social media has taken the marketing world by storm. With one viral post, you could find yourself successful overnight. Many people attempt to market their businesses using social media.
That being said, not everyone knows how to reach a wide enough audience to achieve that success. Another problem marketers may face on social media is not being able to convince their viewers to actually purchase their products.
Below, you’ll find some easy tips to implement that will help you garner the attention you want for your content and convince people to get on your list and ultimately buy the products and services you offer (or promote).

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How to Join Social Platforms A Target Audience Is Active On

The first way you can generate leads using social media is to join the right platforms. Some platforms are better for targeting certain audiences than others because each form of social media has a different demographic.
For example, Snapchat isn’t very popular among elderly people, so creating a Snapchat account to give advice and sell products to elders in your niche wouldn’t be the best way to reach them.
There are many platforms that are widely varied in their target audience. Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube are some examples of social media platforms that are used by a large number of different types of people.
One good way to check if your audience is active on a certain platform would be to check out the engagement on other people’s content. Search up your niche on the app or website.
Then, see what the average amount of likes, comments, and views are and analyze how active you think your audience would be on this platform. Check how many followers these creators are getting.
Look at the view-to-like ratio. If these numbers are high, it’s a good sign you could build up an audience on that platform. You don’t want to waste time churning out content on a site that won’t have an audience for you.

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How to Create and Post Useful Content For an Audience

Another way to generate leads on social media is to create content that targets what your audience needs to know or needs to buy. Use their pain points to highlight why your blog, product, or service will give them what they need.
Informational content, whether it’s about your niche in general or your product, is a great way to build a reputation as a marketer who can be trusted. If your information is useful and true, people will look to you for your advice and trust that what you’re selling or teaching them is really what they need to know.
You can figure out what type of information to post by researching your audience. Observe the types of questions people post in forums about your niche. You can also use keyword tools like WordRecon or Google’s Keyword Planner to see what types of things people are searching for with keywords relating to your niche.
Tie this information into your products. For example, if you’re selling a course on a weight loss plan, use the information to back up the fact that what you’re selling will work. You could post statistics of people losing weight once they start the plan, clinically proven evidence, and more.
Giving a few tidbits of real, useful, and proven advice will help convince your viewers that your product will really work. Use different media formats with things like graphs and other visual data, too.

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How to Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet Offer

The best way to generate leads is to create a lead magnet your audience will simply not be able to walk away from. A lead magnet is an offer or special piece of content you give to your audience if they provide their contact information, usually their email address.
Creating a lead magnet that will actually attract customers is crucial to being a successful marketer. It’s how you reel in potential customers and keep them interested in the content you’re creating.
To make a lead magnet your audience will love, it needs to be specifically targeted to a relevant issue the people in your niche face. If the offer isn’t something that fixes a problem for them or gives them advice on things they’ll actually be interested in, most won’t sign up for it, and you won’t generate as many leads.
Also, making your lead magnet unique will make people more interested in the content. There is so much generic information available on the internet that people can easily find, so putting your own spin on a topic in your niche that makes it stand out against others will attract more customers.
You can tailor the lead magnet to different audiences on various platforms if you want to. Make sure you have a strong call to action telling them to download or access the free gift through a link in a post or in your bio.

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How to Leverage Hashtags in Captions And Titles to Expand an Audience

One issue many marketers struggle with is making their content reach their audience. If you don’t use social media correctly, there’s a possibility your content may reach the wrong demographic or go entirely unnoticed.
This is where hashtags can help. Hashtags are a tool you can use in social media captions to link your post to a specific topic. For example, someone selling a product for stress relief may use hashtags like #relaxation or #stressrelief.
People looking for information or products in your niche will be actively looking at the posts under these hashtags. These people will become your audience and potential future customers.
Hashtags can also be used for networking with others in your niche. You can connect with the people frequently posting under the hashtags or those with a lot of interaction on those posts and collaborate or cross-promote with them.
Don’t trick people with hashtags that aren’t relevant to your topic. And don’t overuse too many hashtags, either. On some apps, like TikTok, can clutter up your short-form video and be a distraction.

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How to Interact and Engage With Viewers to Develop Relationships

One thing you can do to generate a larger amount of leads on social media is to interact with those who are interacting with you. It’s common for people to leave comments on social media posts appreciating the content, as it’s generally considered a more casual way to reach out as opposed to emailing someone.
Replying to comments can make your viewers feel connected to you. You don’t need to make all of these responses long appreciative comments, either. In most cases, simply thanking them for their feedback or comment is enough.
When your viewers feel connected to you, they’ll be more likely to want to support you. It builds a relationship and trust, giving you an image of someone who cares about their audience rather than someone looking to make a quick buck.
You should also interact with those who make content about your product or account. If someone makes a post of their own saying how much they love your content, or a post reviewing a product they bought from your business, show your appreciation for their support.

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How to Post Content That Includes Real Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Being honest about the quality of your products is the best way you can make and maintain sales. If you lie to your audience or rip them off, word will get around quickly, especially on social media.
Posting actual customer reviews is one way you can really be authentic with your audience. Showcasing all the ways people who have used your products have benefitted from them is the best way you can convince others to purchase them.
You can do this by asking buyers to leave reviews on your website. Once you’ve gotten a few legitimate reviews, include quotes from them on your social media posts or website.
If the customer uploads a photo of them receiving or using the product or a photo of their results, you can ask for their permission to post their review on your social media accounts.
Regularly including positive remarks made by happy customers is great for making sales because others will realize that your business has a legitimate reputation for putting out good products.

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How to Collaborate With Other Creators in A Niche or a Similar Niche

Joining forces with other marketers is a great way to increase sales. Doing this can bring positive attention to your business and can increase the number of buyers you have and the number of viewers you have on your social media.
That being said, this step is something you have to be extra careful with. Having a bad reputation as a business owner can absolutely tank your success, so you need to make every decision with caution.
Make sure you’re not working with people who are known to have subpar work or scam/lie to their customers. Collaborating with people who have similar ethics to you will make it easier to be on the same page.
Using social media makes collaborating with others easily because you can do everything remotely. There are also so many different ways you can use social media as a platform to make content with other creators.
One example is joint Instagram posts. Instagram put out a feature on their platform where you can invite other accounts to collaborate on your post. When you do this and select the account you want to link the post to, it will send a request to the other account.
Once they accept, the post will show both of your usernames at the top and show the post on both of your feeds. Another example of a way you can collaborate on social media is to do a live stream.
Multiple platforms offer live streaming, like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and even YouTube. All of these platforms have options for you to invite others to stream with you, too.

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How to Create Attention-Grabbing Content

Making attention-grabbing content might seem obvious, but many people aren’t strategic with this, and it can really do wonders for increasing sales through social media.
The internet has a plethora of interesting content you have to keep up with. The attention spans of social media users have dwindled over the past few years, with short-form content becoming the new normal.
This means you have a very short amount of time to capture the attention of your viewers before they move on to something more entertaining. The first few seconds of content are important.
One way you can make your content catch attention is to make it appealing to the eye. Use bold colors and fonts in thumbnails or images to stand out among all the other content.
Content that looks well-made is more likely to be received as professional and trustworthy. You can also grab attention by making trendy content. In some niches, there will be things like challenges, storytimes, hauls, and more that go viral and become a theme many people participate in.
Making content that goes along with a current trend or theme can bring in a larger audience and can give your brand relevance. When people see you embracing trends, they’ll be more likely to pay attention to your lead magnet offer and future content.

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How to Use Social Media Ads to Reach an Audience

It’s obvious that advertising is an extremely crucial part of making sales. No one will be able to buy your products if they don’t even know they exist, so putting yourself out there is essential for your success.
Paid social media advertising is one way you can make sure your product is reaching your desired audience. Using social media ads can help you target the correct demographic for your product, from age to location to gender to hobbies.
Platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Facebook are a few examples that offer the option to use paid ads. Since social media has such a wide variety of users, there’s no doubt that advertising with it will help you expand your audience and gain sales.
Be smart when choosing what platform to advertise on. Pick the one that has the most users in your demographic so that your money doesn’t go to waste. Also, consider the format your ad will have to be on said platform.
For example, if you don’t want to run a video ad, choosing to advertise on TikTok wouldn’t be ideal because the form of TikTok content is videos. Start with a small investment and as your ads perform well, increase your spending on them.

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One more way you can make sales with social media is to create a trend with your product. To create a trend, you’ll have to come up with an original idea and market your product as something that targets a pain point many people in your niche have.
Social media trends don’t have to be complex and have some sort of goal or challenge behind it. Sometimes people may post about a product and make it go viral just for being original and useful.
However, if you want to start a fun trend, you could also create something like a challenge for your audience to try. Post a statement to your audience of yourself participating in whatever challenge you create using your product, and encourage them to participate.
If you’d like, you can include an incentive to get people to participate in your trend or challenge. Offer something like a free product, discount, or store credit to whoever ends up winning.
There are new trends emerging daily on some apps, like TikTok. There are even sites and accounts where that notify you of emerging trends so that you can be more strategic with your content uploads.
Try to tie your participation into your lead magnet offer or the product you want them to consider if there’s a way. For example, there’s a trend called ‘5 things I would never ask a” which you can leverage for your offer.
So if you’re a weight loss coach, your creation might be ‘5 things I would never eat as a weight loss coach,’ and at the end, you could tell them to download your free report in the link in your bio about what you would eat.
Social media is a fantastic way to gain attention for your brand. You need to have a consistent message, know your target audience and cater to their needs with your content.

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