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How to Set Up a Tiktok Ad Account

Sep 9, 2022 | Creative Ideas, Advertising, Social Media

How to Set Up a Tiktok Ad Account
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How to Set Up a Tiktok Ad Account

How to Set Up a Tiktok Ad Account

TikTok marketing is one of the most sought-after marketing strategies in the world today. Similar to other social media marketing techniques, TikTok marketing encompasses the use of influencer marketing, the creation of viral content, and advertising on TikTok to promote a brand or service.

The proliferation and increasing popularity of TikTok marketing make it one of the fastest-growing marketing strategies targeted by advertisers and marketers. Statistics show that TikTok has about one billion active users globally. TikTok users access the app daily and spend close to sixty minutes on the app, which makes TikTok one of the most effective marketing strategies in terms of the ability to reach the target audience, a majority of whom are young audiences.

Notably, companies and marketers that are dominating the TikTok marketing scene have mastered the art of creativity, which is among the strategies with a higher percentage of reception and engagement, especially among young audiences. The first step to TikTok marketing is creating a TikTok account and merging your account with the TikTok ad manager.

More detail is provided in the following sections of this article:

How to Install a TikTok App for Your Business

Download and install the TikTok app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your Android or Apple phone or tablet.


How to Create a TikTok Login for Your Business

Open the App on your phone or tablet and use your business email address or phone number to create a login account. You will be asked to verify your account. Ensure your login information is verified and then accept TikTok terms and conditions for advertisements. Next, click the “Sign up” button. out that window.


How To Create a TikTok Account

Next, you need to enter the details for your TikTok Account profile.


Enter the country or region your business is located in. You will also want to enter your business name, the appropriate time zone for your business location, your preferred currency for billing, and ensure that your account info is accessible via the dashboard.

How to Setup Your TikTok Business Profile

Fill in your business website and select the appropriate industry for your brand. Be sure to update the street address of your business headquarters and include the state/province and postal code of your business.


Be sure to verify your business profile.

How to Setup Your TikTok Payment Method and Submit Your Info

Select your preferred payment method, whether manual or automatic. Conduct a self-assessment of your account by analyzing the “Account Review Checklist” and make sure that the account is as complete and accurate as possible.


Submit your account info for review.

Other Tips for Setting Up TikTok for Business

● Always enter a business name that is similar to or close to your company’s name.
● Check that the business name entered matches your legal business name in order to pass the account review.
● Note that matching your TikTok business name with your legal name enhances your applications for TikTok Creator Marketplace and application for the ad credit program.
● Check that your selected time zone is appropriate since you are not allowed to change it later.
● Verify your business using government documents or the official number used in tax payments.

This checklist is a step-by-step guide to opening and setting up your TikTok ad account.

Other Resources for setting up TikTok for Business

You can follow the instructions provided by TikTok as they may change from time to time.

Hootsuite also provides an excellent overview and detailed instructions at https://blog.hootsuite.com/tiktok-for-business/.

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