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Can I Become a Local Authority In My Niche as an Author?

Apr 27, 2022 | Authority

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Can I Become a Local Authority In My Niche as an Author?

Five Tips for Establishing Authority as an Author Locally In Your Business

By Tom Seest

Should I Focus My Efforts to Demonstrate Authority Locally Or Online?

Even if you have established your business as an online business or as a local business servicing local clients and customers, you can find more customers and clients establishing authority locally as an author in your niche. In addition to your online marketing efforts, promoting a book that you authored locally can bring you “local authority” status while increasing your following locally and online. Keep in mind, that these suggestions may or may not bring in hefty sales of products or services locally. But, they can help propel you down the path to authority and expand your name recognition within your local community. Instead of getting wealthy selling your book or books, you may gain some new clients or customers and you’ll definitely gain more social media fans.

Should I Hold Book Signings In Local Towns Or Cities?

In the beginning, you should definitely hold local book signings at libraries, book stores, and coffee and tea shops. Don’t forget your hometown roots! Publishing a book is quite an accomplishment not everyone can claim, so toot your own horn to the local people who know you best. Meet and greets at any local business establishment allow you to promote your book while also growing your fan base. You can use your local connections to help promote your appearances in their social media feeds. You can also produce and create flyers to promote these specific events.

Should I Appear At Local Events Or Festivals?

Many local towns or communities hold events and festivals during the spring, summer, and fall months. Locate and check those community calendars well in advance and be prepared to invest a nominal fee to set up a table with your book available for purchase. Even if you don’t sell many books, it is good for those around you to know that you are establishing authority in your niche. Print out bookmarks or other handouts for the event or festival that include your social media connection information so they can connect with you after the event or festival. Be proactive and connect with people instantly at your booth. You want to serve them by providing value, then connect with them immediately, and then sell to them after a better relationship is established.

Should I Tell My Story to Establish Authority?

Speak at local schools and churches about your path to becoming an author. Everyone has a story, and people love and remember stories. Many middle and high schools hold career days so watch for those events or call the schools directly to inquire. They like to promote local success stories to give the students hope for the future as well. This isn’t so much a chance to sell your book but to tell about the journey to becoming an author. Create special handouts with your name, book title, and social media connection information so the students can pass them along to their parents. Design activities for these events that show them the path to being an author, and let them step through and simulate the process. This is also a great opportunity to leave information at the schools for the faculty. You just never know where these network opportunities will lead.

Should I Volunteer In Local Business Groups?

You should volunteer locally with your Chamber of Commerce or other business networking groups as this helps establish your general authority in the community with other business people. Many Chambers have different committees on which to serve and other business groups (such as BNI) have executive officer positions available every year. Again, these types of positions are not about selling books but offer you the chance to give back to your community while expanding your name recognition and establishing authority.

Should I Use My Book As a Fundraiser?

You should use your book as a fundraiser for fundraisers in the community. Choose causes that you believe in and dedicate a percentage of sales to be donated to these causes. Donating to local charities or local branches of national charities can stir more interest in your passion due to your hometown roots. You can also donate copies of your books to auction events held by local PTAs, scouting troops, or religious organizations. Very often, these organizations will distribute a list of their benefactors, so that’s yet another way to increase your name recognition.

How Often Should I Work to Establish Local Authority?

Marketing your book and your passion should be a continuous cycle, both online and offline, as this continuous effort builds and helps you establish authority in your areas of subject expertise. The more people you can connect to through the differing avenues, the more likely you’ll see increases in sales, new clients, and social media fans.

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