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Are Businesses and Brands Building on TikTok?

Sep 9, 2022 | Social Media, Advertising, Creative Ideas

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Are Businesses and Brands Building on TikTok?

Spend Some Time Researching your Competitors on TikTok…

Are Your Competitors or Customers on TikTok?

If your competitors or customers are spending some time on TikTok, then you should too.

Follow my new series on TikTok for business articles at https://branddoneforyou.com/our-blog/.

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How to Unlock Your Subscriber List Building Potential

How to Unlock Your Subscriber List Building Potential

Unless you want to be chasing sales and revenue on a regular basis, working overtime to nail down every dollar, you need to invest your time and effort into strategies that will deliver for you by increasing your profit potential with less work.
List building is a concept that many online entrepreneurs fail to do, putting it off until a day in the future when they may feel ‘big enough’ to take that next step. But that time is now, not after thousands of people have come across your content and clicked away, never to encounter communications from you again.
You want to unlock the power of business growth by leveraging your ability to reach out to people on a regular basis. List building is a tool that can help you build a bigger brand, rake in higher profits and solidify your position as a niche authority figure.
Below, you’re going to discover how you can attract new subscribers to your list and use a number of methods to gain exposure for your lead magnet landing page. Some are quick and easy, and others will require more effort, but they all have the ability to help you increase your profits.

How to Earn Money Using Adsense on a Blog

How to Earn Money Using Adsense on a Blog

Creating content to post online can be a grueling process for many people. You need the content as a method to attract an audience, enjoy organic traffic, and, ultimately, earn money online. You want to maximize your profits in every way possible, whether you struggle to create content or love the process.
Google’s AdSense program is one way you can do this. If you publish content, you can sign up to be a publisher with them, and they will basically connect your site’s content with the promotions that Google AdWords customers, known as advertisers, are paying to have shown on people’s blogs.
Every time someone visits your content and clicks on the ad, you earn money. However, it’s not that simple. There are measures in place to make sure the system isn’t gamed by unethical publishers.
Below, you’ll find a strategic guide on how to get started as an AdSense blogger, setting your site up for success and long-term profits by abiding by Google rules, as well as being strategic with your content creation.